Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Day 1: Post Holiday Blowout!

It's fair to say that the end to my racing season was a complete write off.

Firstly, a pretty heavy crash left me with some leg and hip issues that were impacting my training and racing.  The injuries took a long time to settle down and unfortunately left me way behind where I needed to be at.

Secondly, I got the flu. No, not the bad cold that everyone gets and then tells you that they have the flu. If you know what Influenza actually is you wont confuse it with a cold, cough and congestion.  Influenza left me bed ridden for 2 weeks, I battled with a body temperature of 40 for 9 days straight (this was one of the most mind bending experiences I have ever endured). Then I got a really bad cold... great.

Post influenza my fatigue was that still so bad I pulled the pin on my season and instead of racing the UWCT Finals in Trento Italy I left my bike at home and just took a European holiday. Trying to race would have simply been detrimental to my health.

I think I ate every pizza in Italy and pastry in France.... yep the scales told me this morning that I am above 6kg over my race weight.  Oops.

Time to start getting things back into check I guess. 

I intend to blog how I get my body weight down as this is one of the questions that I get asked more than any other... oh and along with why I feel I need to do it.

Quite simply the why is about power to weight and I'll discuss this in due course.

Ok, let's get a few numbers out in the open.

Current weight: 71kg
Goal weight: 65kg
Goal date: March 2014
Start weight: 71kg
Total gain/loss: +6kg
FTP: 315w
Start w/kg: 4.44w/kg
Goal weight w/kg: 4.85
Current w/kg: 4.44w/kg

The trick here is to lose body mass without losing strength. This is not a simple exercise of losing weight but rather an exercise of becoming lean.