Saturday, 19 October 2013

Day 5: Living for the Weekend!

Yes, finally!  The weekend is here.  Damnit.

The weekends are pretty tough at times to make sure you are eating the right foods in the right quantities, if you are anything like me than your weekends lack a bit of structure at times.  This lack of structure can lead you sitting very close to all the food sources you have in your house, it's pretty easy to open that pantry door and scoff down a few things that you shouldn't.

Well, if this is an issue for you the simple solution is just get rid of all those tempting things you have around.  Don't necessarily throw then away but just move them somewhere where you aren't going to be able to passively access.

I increased my hydration over the last couple of days and the body has thanked me for that.  I've now broken into the 60's which always makes me feel a lot happier.  I don't think I'll get out on the road this weekend as I have too many chores around the house to get under control but I will make sure there is a solid ergo session involved somewhere.

My real training hopefully will started in November so I am not too concerned about riding too much just yet.

Current weight: 69.5kg
Goal weight: 65kg
Goal date: March 2014
Start weight: 71kg
Total gain/loss: -1.5kg
FTP: 315w