Friday, 18 October 2013

Day 4: In the Tunnel

My body is now starting to get used to the amount of calories I am providing it and. It is beginning to feel the norm.

It's always nice to get over day 3, it's almost like passing a magic marker that says you are serious about the direction you are traveling down. It's very much like you are walking into a tunnel and you're now ventured in to the point where the light behind you is no longer strong enough and you need to turn on your torch to see forward.  You can still see behind you but the path forward is dark.'s that point where you are committing to undertaking the adventure!

The upcoming weekend is what the true test will be.  The weekdays are very structured with a set routine around work. Saturday and Sunday however are not so structured.

Yes, routine and structure are important to being able to develop a habit.

Current weight: 70.1kg
Goal weight: 65kg
Goal date: March 2014
Start weight: 71kg
Total gain/loss: -0.5kg
FTP: 315w