Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Day 2: An Apple a Day.

Breakfast has never been something that I have been able to stomach all that well. Actually,  whenI think about it that is not entirely true. I should say that I don't like eating a lot of food as soon as I get up. I went 20 years without eating breakfast as a result.

Eating breakfast is bad for weight loss as you need food in your system after your nightly fast to kick start your metabolism off and get your body out of storage mode, I knew that and I needed a solution.

Two things work against eating breakfast, of course as I just explained that I simply don't like eating when I get up. The other is that I don't have the time in the morning to wait until I feel like eating. After all I have a train to catch and I just get up way too late to mess around with eating. I even have to sacrifice coffee.

After a bit of trial and error I have found grabbing an apple on the way out the door and eating it on my walk to the station works. I am eating something that I like and it doesn't delay me. Perfect.

How much you need to eat for breakfast is a personal thing but for me an apple is fine when I am not going for a training session. Of course I will have a morning snack as well a little later in the morning as an apple on it's own won't get me to lunch without being rather hungry.

Snacks.... these are another topic for another day.

Current weight: 70.5kg
Goal weight: 65kg
Goal date: March 2014
Start weight: 71kg
Total gain/loss: -0.5kg
FTP: 315w
Start w/kg: 4.44w/kg
Goal weight w/kg: 4.85
Current w/kg: 4.44w/kg