Saturday, 25 May 2013

(One of the) Problem(s) with Strava

The love affair is well and truly over between me and Strava, it was pretty cool about two years ago but now... well, it's been "invaded" by every man and his dog who has a bike.  It's become a bit like Facebook in a way - Gen Y's and the Millennium generation are moving away from it because it is being clogged up us oldies... when your Mum and Dad are on the same service as you, how can it be cool anymore.

...sure, that's cool that people are riding but the segmentation that's going on is getting beyond a joke!

Seriously, check out the below...!

When there are more segments in a ride than than kilometers ridden then where is the relevance?!

I ran into a couple of riders while out on a ride a few months back, I introduced myself to them as you do and they said.. "Oh, I know you, you're the KOM of...."  ...hmm, being stalked via Strava is a compliment right?!.

What are your thoughts on Strava, what's good or bad?  Do you use it?  Do you avoid it?